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Best Kindergarten in Dwarka Mor (4 years +)

At Aura Kids, Best Kindergarten in Dwarka Mor the kindergarten program(K.G) offers a “kinder, gentler" approach for children who need an extra year to grow before entering a full day formal school. It is known fact that children do their most important learning before the age five. Up to this age, for kids each morning is the dawn of another amazing adventure. Considering this fact, our focus is not only on developing academic skills, but also intellectual, emotional, linguistic, physical, social and moral skills that will ensure all-round development of children.

We believe that children are active learners, who learn best from interacting with nature, other children and adults in child-centered activities. Aura Kids provides a caring and trusting environment in which children can flourish as an individual. Our child-centered philosophy allows children to learn through play by exploring their environment. In order to stimulate a child’s learning, we provide opportunities for the child to grow and develop while reading, listening and playing. Love and affection are the hallmarks of all these pursuits.

This KINDERGARTEN-KG program organizes developmentally appropriate activities into many lessons and sessions designed to accomplish readiness for as well as further strengthen the children’s self-confidence and self-esteem.
Our children get the opportunity to explore each lesson and learning sessions with the other children in K.G. Teachers encourage readiness to learn and question; utilization of the children’s developing sense of responsibility; and their interest in play, construction, and simple games. Memory development, visual discrimination, safety rules and sense of security are also an important area of development for a child in KINDERGARTEN-KG. It focuses on orienting the child to develop self-confidence and honesty.

Key areas in KINDERGARTEN-KG curriculum are personal social and emotional development, cognitive development, theme-based concept time, math readiness, language and phonics, inculcating life-long learning skills, opportunities for development of aesthetic sense.

Activities Involved:

1. Public speaking
2.  Sand Play
3. Water Play
4. Story Time
5. Puppet shows and skits
6. Creative Time
7. Library Time
8. A celebration of festivals and special days
9. Field trips
10. Science Time
11. Sensory Time
12. Free play with Technology Corner