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Best Play School in Dwarka Mor, New Delhi (1.5 years +years)

Best Play School in Dwarka Mor

At Aura Kids, we are the Best Play School in Dwarka Mor, New Delhi. Our curriculum for each age level is based on thematic lessons. It is developed for every child to experience success. We encourage & support child’s self-initiated motivation so that they learn while doing or playing. Depending on the psychology that differs in every student at Aura Kids, we conduct age-appropriate activity-based learning. It majorly involves the methods that make our approach unique for their student like learning by exploration, building communication skills encouraging positive peer interaction, theme-based concept time, math readiness, language readiness, opportunities for fine and gross motor development, promoting cognitive development.

Activities Involved:

1. Field Trips 

2. Library Time

3. Celebration of festivals and special days

4. Sand Play

5.  Puppet shows and skits

6. Story Time

7. Water Play 

8. Sensory Time

9. Creative Time

10. Free Play with Technology Corner