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Best Pre School in Dwarka Mor New Delhi (2 years +)

More than 2 years, we at Aura Kids are the Best Pre School in Dwarka Mor New Delhi In the pre nursery, we start by creating informal learning experiences that generate a positive foundation for children. In the pre nursery, children start writing, reading as well as understanding the basics of every aspect of life. We engage children with each other for caring, sharing, and understanding various ethics of life. The key areas in pre nursery curriculum are enhancing communication skill, expression through art and drama, theme based concepts, time, math and language skill development, opportunities for fine and gross motor development, promoting cognitive development.

Activities Involved:

1. Free Play with Technology Corner

2.  Field Trips

3. Library Time

4. Sand Play

5. Creative Time

6. Water Play

7. A celebration of festivals and special days

8. Story Time

9. Puppet shows and skits

10. Sensory Time