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Q. What is the tenure of the contract between the Franchisee and Aura Kids? What happens after expiring of tenure?

A. The initial tenure of the contract is 3 or 5 years. Under normal circumstances subject to satisfactory performance of the Pre-School, the contract will be renewed.

Q. Is there any survey required for the premises & locality, where I wish to start Play School?

A. As per standard procedure of the company we do not allow to set any Aura Kids school without “Feasibility Survey” of the premises & locality. We have well equipped professional, experienced team, who visit the locality & see the premises irrespective of any distance or geographical location. After getting satisfactory Feasibility Finding Report, then only we sign the MOU. In case our team doesn’t found the premises suitable & commercially viable for operating school, we refund the feasibility amount.

Q. What are the additional charges involved in setting up the franchise?

A. Apart from the franchise fee, additional expenses are as follows:

1. Cost of Startup Kit, Furniture, Play Tools, Teaching Aids, Concept Painting, Initial marketing & Publicity.

2. Costing of interiors and making it fit for a play school, will depend on the present condition of the property.

Q. What are the school timings?

A. Playgroup and Nursery can be operated in one or two shifts depending on Findings of feasibility survey report. In normal case school timings start from 9.0 AM to 12.00 noon. The KG are run in one shift only. The franchisee can make an adjustment in the timings based on local conditions and seasons.

Q. Who selects the teachers? Does Aura Kids have any selection criteria?

A. The teachers are selected by the franchisee in consultation with HO academic team. We help in selecting process. We conduct telephonic interview with our HO Academic Team. Teacher training is mandatory. This training will be conducted after clearance from the HO Academic Team. You have to decide their remuneration. They are paid as per the city standards and it also depends on their qualification and experience. Teachers should have some basic qualification in Early Child Care Education.

Q. What is the Teacher-Student ratio to be maintained?

A. The recommended teacher student ratio varies between 1:10 and 1:18 depending city, location & availability of Teachers.

Q. When does Aura Kids train the teachers?

A. After recruitment process, Aura Kids will manage Training from our Head office. Training will be in two phases. 1. Basics of teaching skills 2.How to implement the curriculum. There is also a help desk number. One can call to get any curriculum related query resolved.

Q. Who decides the fee structure?

A. The fee structure decided after recordation of feasibility Team, keeping all ground condition, local competition in mind, we discussion all aspect with the franchisee and decide. It depends on the paying capacity of parents in the neighborhood, fees charged by competition and facilities offered by the Pre-School.

Q. Who collects the fees from the parents? How does the franchisee get the money?

A. The franchisee collects the fees from the parents in cash, cheque in favor of company. 

Q. Does the franchisee need to provide food to the children?

A. Aura Kids does not have hard & fast rule for mid-day food. This is totally depending on the franchisee wish. We have both models. We provide complete know how like monthly meal chart & guide lines.

Q. What is the uniform worn by the student?

A. Each child gets one/two Aura Kids dress as part of the student kit.

Q. How many children can be accommodated in 1 class?

A. One class can accommodate up to maximum 20 students, Number vary depending upon the size of the classroom.

Q. Which are the programs/classes for which Aura Kids provides the curriculum?

A. We have four year program, Playgroup (1.5Yrs+), Pre-Nursery(2 Yrs+), Nursery (3 Yrs+), KG(4Yrs-+) .

Q. Is any approval required from any education board or municipal authority for running the preschool?

A. No approval is required for running a Play School. In most cities, a “Shops and Establishment Certificate" from the local Municipality may be required.

Q. There is list of material (Play Tools, Furniture & Teaching Aids) which Aura Kids will provide. Is it mandatory that franchisee should purchase material from the Aura Kids?

A. Not necessary. We will provide the list of all materials which are required to implement curriculum & school operation. Franchisee can purchase the material from outside & get approval from our academic team. Quality & hygiene is the prime concern.

Q. What is a good time to start the Pre-School?

A. It is always a good time to start a Preschool. In preschools, admissions happen throughout the Year. Earlier a Pre-School becomes operational, faster the parents become aware with it.

Q. What all is required to start the Pre-School?

A. Aura Kids will send you a checklist of things to do to make the Pre-School operational. We will hand hold & provide dedicated support/ Franchisee Manager, will be one call away from you.

Q. Does the franchisee need to own the premise?

A. No. The preschool can be conducted from a leased premise also. Please note that the lease contract should have a minimum period of 3 years.

Q. Does Aura Kids allow the franchisee to conduct other activities in the School premises after school hours?

A. The franchisee is free to conduct any activity after school hours with prior permission of the HO, keeping in mind that the equipments should not get damaged while choosing the activity to conduct. We encourage some activities like Abacus, Vaidic Maths, Summer Camps, tuition classes & other after School activities.

Q. How much time does it take for the Preschool to become operational?

A. If the place is ready for possession, a Pre-School takes anything between 30-45 days to become operational.