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We develop the 7 skills of a child through our core focus areas:

1. Cognitive- to experiment, understand, think, read, learn, remember, reason, and pay attention

2. Socio-Emotional- friendship, respect, enjoyment, relationships, decision-making

3. Language- reading, writing, speaking, imitating, listening

4. Gross Motors- walking, jumping, running

5. Fine Motors- writing, trying, picking up objects, eating

6. Sensorial- smelling, tasting, feeling, hearing

7. Aesthetic- creating, singing, painting, coloring, dancing


At Aura Kids Preschool, we follow the proprietary ‘Seven Petal’ approach, which ensures the holistic development of every child, through play activities & collaborative group work. The curriculum focuses on seven key development areas for children: cognitive development, socio-emotional development, language development, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, personal awareness, & nurturing individual potential:

1. Cognitive Development

Focuses on a child’s development in terms of information processing, conceptual resources, perceptual skill, language learning, and other aspects of brain development. Our activities focus on developing thinking skills that include learning, counting, understanding, problem-solving, logical reasoning, remembering and drawing conclusions.

2. Socio-Emotional Development

Focuses on building positive relationships with family, friends, facilitators and their inner circle of people. Children are taught emotional and social skills that build values of friendship, sharing, caring and compassion through classroom conversations, discussions, role-plays and stage exposure. Children are also taught new social rules while co-operating and responding to the feelings of others

3. Language Development

Focuses on a child’s development in terms of communication, expression and presentation skills. We use a language-rich environment to encourage children’s development of early literacy skills through storytelling, picture reading, identifying letters and words to expand their vocabulary and practice their developing abilities to communicate.

4. Gross Motor Development

Focuses on the use of large muscle groups and whole body movement to perform tasks like walking, balancing, crawling, running, jumping, and throwing. Our curriculum focuses on developing love for sports and physical activities at an early age.

5. Fine Motor Development

Focuses on improving children’s physical and handling skills, which require the use of smaller muscle groups to perform tasks that are precise in nature. Our teaching aids like stencils, clay modeling, lacing boards, colouring and writing activities are used to enhance fine-motor skills.

6. Personal Awareness

Focuses on making the child aware of himself/herself and their immediate environment. Our curriculum is designed to help children develop independence, safety, hygiene and self-help skills.

7. Nurturing Individual Potential

Focuses on encouraging creativity and nurturing latent talent in every child. Our curriculum encourages children to express their creative ideas by providing them opportunities to dance, sing, draw, paint, create, tell stories, act, play sports and games.