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At Aura Kids, teachers are not just teachers but are second parents for your little ones thereby making us a second home for them. Here, teachers are carefully recruited after rigorous interview sessions and are also provided with in-service teacher training programs so as to keep abreast with the latest technology, innovative teaching techniques, and joyful learning activities. Filled with care, warmth, diligence, and patience, our teachers shower immense love and affection while making the children learn to express, igniting the spark of curiosity and enthusiasm in the tiny tots to learn and know more. Aura Kids is proud that the teachers here are not just lovable but core professionals and counselors equipped with expertise in their field. Our teachers learn and work together as a team with coordination to work for the all-round development of children.

The teaching and joyful learning process under the guidance of Aura Kids teachers comprise of the following:

Moral education through story telling

Learning to socialize

Table Manners and Toilet Training 

Poem Recitation – English and Hindi 

Verbal expression of the feelings confidently 

 Learning to care for environment, mother earth and becoming sensitive towards nature 

Mixing up among the peer group

Use of latest technology, audio visual aids in various activities 

Need and maintenance of personal hygiene 

Learning about our country and our rich cultural heritage through the celebration of various festivals 

Learning to utter small sentences of daily use

Importance of clean surroundings 

Becoming more aware about various objects, concepts and people through a celebration of various days like Mother’s day, Colour day, Earth day, Fruits Day etc.